Previous Judicial Conferences

Each previous Judicial Conference program will appear in a PDF (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader) either in a new tab or browser window when you click on that year’s thumbnail.

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Among Judicial Conference program topics and panel discussions over the years were: “Why Women Lawyers Should Stay in the Game: A View from the Bench and the Bar,” 2014; “The Work-Family Balance and Federal Practice,” and “Maintaining Civility in Federal Court,” 2013; “Sealing Orders, Confidentiality, Public Access and the Press,” and “Social Media and Litigation: Issues Affecting Lawyers, Litigants, Judges and Jurors,” 2012; “The Key to Winning at Trial in the Federal Courts of New Jersey: United States v. John Doe,” and “Developing, Refining and Executing the Themes of the Trial in Criminal and Civil Cases,” 2011; and “Discovery Abuses in Federal Criminal Prosecutions—Is the System Broken,” and “The Nuts and Bolts of Civil Discovery in Federal Cases—Winning Your Case Through Fair and Thorough Discovery,” 2010.

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