Judicial Conference

Our annual Spring event provides varied and practical training to members of the federal bar, including continuing legal education credits for attorneys licensed in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Each year the Chief Judge of the District delivers an annual “State of the Court System” address.

Our first Judicial Conference began concurrently with the inception of the AFBNJ in 1976. The first Judicial Conference was convened in Princeton and entitled “What’s Your Beef?” That daylong conference featured a panel comprised of every judge in the District, each of whom fielded questions and complaints about federal practice and procedures. Then tables were turned. Later in the day, their roles reversed, lawyers faced similar questioning by the judges.

Over the years, the Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey’s Judicial Conferences have maintained their reputation among the Garden State legal community as one of the premier professional events on the calendar.

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Previous Judicial Conferences

Each previous Judicial Conference program will appear in a PDF (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader) either in a new tab or browser window when you click on that year’s thumbnail.
Among Judicial Conference program topics and panel discussions over the years were: “Why Women Lawyers Should Stay in the Game: A View from the Bench and the Bar,” 2014; “The Work-Family Balance and Federal Practice,” and “Maintaining Civility in Federal Court,” 2013; “Sealing Orders, Confidentiality, Public Access and the Press,” and “Social Media and Litigation: Issues Affecting Lawyers, Litigants, Judges and Jurors,” 2012; “The Key to Winning at Trial in the Federal Courts of New Jersey: United States v. John Doe,” and “Developing, Refining and Executing the Themes of the Trial in Criminal and Civil Cases,” 2011; and “Discovery Abuses in Federal Criminal Prosecutions—Is the System Broken,” and “The Nuts and Bolts of Civil Discovery in Federal Cases—Winning Your Case Through Fair and Thorough Discovery,” 2010.

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