The Algorithmic Engine That Could: How AI is Changing Corporations

Corporations are rapidly changing how they do business, and everything from improving business processes to meeting customer needs has the potential of being touched—and improved—by artificial intelligence systems.

Staying informed of these technological developments, both how they can help companies and where there are limitations, is essential for in-house counsel.  How can we be smart in applying artificial intelligence to lead to better outcomes, for employees and customers, both domestically and internationally?  What are the ethical considerations and best practices when using new, powerful technology?

This panel will explore the complexities of artificial intelligence systems with a discussion of risk mitigation, ethical issues, and achieving the right mix of machine learning and human input.


Fernando M. Pinguelo, Associate General Counsel, Global Privacy Office – OGC, Willis Towers Watson. Principal, Cyber Jurist™


  • Daisy Godfrey, Senior Counsel, Group, Digital and Data Protection, Aviva
  • Ronald J. Hedges, Senior Counsel, Dentons
  • Carrie Parikh, Chief Privacy Officer, Assistant General Counsel, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

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